Sold To The Cruel Mafia

Sold To The Cruel Mafia

by : PurpleAlien122

Fantasy  |  Length: 10:38:43  |  Completed
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A life of blood diamonds and riches beyond belief- was a life Jane was thrust into when her brother owed the Mafia money. As payment for both their lives, she is forced to wed the most dangerous man in the country, Alvaro Castillo. Jane wants to make a run for it once he trusts her but will she be able to when she learns who he is under all that edgy exterior? Or will her heart be swayed, making her want to stay, damning all agreements. —————————————— Other books like this: CONSTANTINE.

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Britza Garcia

2023-03-24 18:00:47
i want a story of matt and his girl
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