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The Alpha's Slave Mate

The Alpha's Slave Mate

goodfm by: Danielle Bush

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    Sonia Martinez

    2024-02-21 02:31:35

    Is there a part two it doesn’t make any sense to do 90 go all the way to the end and there’s not a part two it doesn’t even say how it ends. That’s very disappointing.

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    Luvin Heart

    2023-10-31 08:42:22

    How is this the end. Makes no since just when I really was getting into it. Did she ever get pregnant again. Is Axel and the girl mates. Too many things that have no answers

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    Kimberly Clarke

    2023-10-16 18:29:45

    On Good Noval, there is no audio to listen to the book like on this platform

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    Patty Spiers

    2023-10-07 04:41:01

    I loved the book but it is unfinished.

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    2023-08-23 02:24:40

    Where is the rest of the book?

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    Betty McLain

    2023-08-14 04:10:12

    Please please more

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    marie Peat

    2023-07-24 17:29:10

    is there another book planned, has anyone tried looking on another site.

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    2023-07-18 10:48:24

    Why is it left on a cliff hanger!? This book isn’t finished!! ... was such a good book to!!

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    2023-06-26 22:36:37

    need more more more please please please

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    Tina Gehler

    2023-04-21 04:24:11

    I NEED MORE ............


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