by : Sunshine

Mafia  |  Length: 4:57:38  |  Completed
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Ashlynn Deters is a broken girl. Her home life was nonexistent when she was growing up. So when she was old enough she packed her bags and moved to New York. She's living there for five years and is working at a strip club, Divine. She's working her usual shift one night before she's kidnapped by a group of mysterious men. Gage Cutler is the leader of the New York Mafia. A woman has wronged his family and he'll stop at nothing to get his revenge. Yet, his ruthless behavior changes when his men kidnap the wrong girl.

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2023-08-12 03:33:31
How often do you update? Love the book so far
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2023-05-25 09:22:40
The sound effects are really good. Loved it. Why did it stopped in the middle? Update more please.
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Amber Perry

2023-02-11 13:17:24
really six that 95% of mafia stories are Alexa read!!!! hate listening to the Alexa voice
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Amber Perry

2023-02-11 13:16:45
love that they put sound effects and all in this one, wish more on the app were like this
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Margaret Walker

2022-07-02 00:22:31
story seems pretty good do far
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Jianxiong Gao

2022-04-13 23:07:22
The book is good
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