Be More Strategic in Business: How to Win Through Stronger Leadership and Smarter Decisions

Be More Strategic in Business: How to Win Through Stronger Leadership and Smarter Decisions

by : Stacey Boyle

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Take Your Leadership to the Next Level With This Award-Winning Business Book Winner, 2018 Foreword Indies, Adult Nonfiction/Career Award Finalist, 2018 Best Book Awards, Business/Careers Winner, 2019 International Book Awards, Business/Careers Winner, 2019 Discovery Award, Best First Book/Nonfiction Honorable Mention, 2019 Eric Hoffer Book Award, Business Strategic leadership is essential to business success: Strong leaders are those who successfully navigate a great shift: from tactical doer to strategic leader. Regardless of your industry, line of business, or sector, your organization desperately needs strategic leaders. A strategic leader is tuned in to the needs of the business, understands how his or her actions impact corporate objectives, and uses data to make smart decisions. Whether you're leading a department team or running your own company, a strategic leader clearly propels business performance. Building a ladder to strategic leadership: Stephen R. Covey famously explained strategic leadership via the metaphor of workers clearing a jungle. The strategic leader was able to climb a tree and tell everybody they were laboring in the wrong jungle. In this book you will start out on the jungle floor and build a ladder to give you that strategic view over the tops of the trees. You'll learn how to: Develop your strategic skills Set meaningful direction Build a strategic plan Make decisions to win Proven approach to strategic leadership: You'll get the training straight from the personal career journeys of two business women who have decades of experience and education. They come together to create a proven approach to understanding the big picture of what your organization is trying to accomplish and how to be an effective leader.

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