Between the Stars

Between the Stars

by : Shey Stahl

Romance  |  Length: 9:18:36  |  Completed
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From USA Today bestselling author Shey Stahl comes a gripping, emotional, brother’s best friend romance that will leave you desperate for more. My life is perfect. Dream wedding days away, a mansion in the hills of Nashville, a promising career in pediatric nursing. And not to mention, a wealthy southern groom willing to do anything for me. But he’s not the one who paints a scene of passion. He’s not the cocky, arrogant, and very much forbidden man my father despises. He’s not my brothers best friend. He’s not the one who gave me years and let me go just as easily. And he’s certainly not the one I’m with now as thunder rolls through the canyons and his voice dances along exposed curves. I look up, the sky burning brighter, stronger, like his love and I find myself torn between the stars. As the light fades, the smell of smoke in my hair, the flames piercing through a chalky night, his darkness stains my heart. “I’ll never stop when it comes to you.” I watch his face, the fall of his eyes, and I’m met with the dark hallow that haunts me. He’s not the one I should pick, but he’s the only one who knows how to kiss me without touching me. We were shades of love, written in the stars and tethered to the shore. Until the cracks in our plan destroyed it all.

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