Billionaire Son-In-law

Billionaire Son-In-law

by : OscarAzalea

Urban/Realistic  |  Length: 23:26:34  |  Ongoing
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Liam Danvers, was always looked down on and treated badly by his in-laws and everyone around him, including his wife, all because he was broke. Everyone treated him like trash, like he didn't have emotions, and sometimes his in-laws would beat him up.One day Liam's in-laws beat him up and left him for dead on the streets.Just when Liam thought everything was lost, and he was going to die, a couple introduced themselves as his parents.

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Paula Lerma

2023-04-29 20:52:01
is this book anything like "The Charismatic Charlie Wade"?
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Sherry B.

2023-03-28 18:27:28
Love thus story .... please update soon
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