Body Check: Thor: Nashville Sound (Book Four)

Body Check: Thor: Nashville Sound (Book Four)

by : Alicia Hunter Pace

Romance  |  Length: 5:55:21  |  Completed
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Hockey is all he has left. Until a one-night stand with the boss’s daughter gives him something new to fight for… Nashville Sound enforcer Thor Eastrom has been married, divorced, engaged, and dumped. But the hardest thing he’s ever done is bury his twin babies. The last thing he wants or needs in his life right now is a relationship. Over the past nineteen years he’s hoisted the Stanley Cup seven times and won gold and silver Olympic medals. All he wants is one more year in the NHL so he can go out as a member of the twenty-year club. Then he’ll decide what comes next. Tradd Davenport’s dream is to succeed in the hardscrabble world of country music. Being daddy’s little princess has its perks, but it’s no longer enough to fulfill her—especially when she’s lost more than she ever gained by it. She has the talent and the drive—and she’s ready to work hard for something that her father’s money can’t buy her. But sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want. It gives you what you need. Tradd knows her father’s hockey players are off limits. Thor knows that nobody touches the boss’s daughter. But Thor likes to play with fire—and Tradd wants to burn. When they discover their one-night stand has consequences, can they find a way to have everything they want? Or will navigating their new reality be as perilous as a broken skate on slick ice? Sensuality Level: Sensual

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