Boys That Read: Lords of Wildwood, Book Two

Boys That Read: Lords of Wildwood, Book Two

by : Isabella Starling

YA/TEEN  |  Length: 9:04:20  |  Completed
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He's wicked smart. Filthy rich. Plus drop dead gorgeous. And he's never been more off-limits. Estella Hawthorne might have been the homecoming queen last year, but everything changed this year at Wildwood Academy. I watched her fall from the glamorous mean girl everyone loved to hate, to the broken little girl I used to know. Things have really gone wrong for my former best friend. I'm having my best year ever. Everybody at Wildwood knows my name, and I finally stepped out of my brother's shadow. Milo Earnshaw. Chess master. Washboard abs. Picky, because I can be. I've got students and teachers eating out of the palm of my hand. The school's most popular girl wants to be with me. I got in to my dream college. I've got it made. Except I've never felt more empty inside. Estella is a part of my life I promised myself I'd never revisit. Too many dirty secrets. Besides, I'm not crushing on her anymore. I got over my Estella-fueled-fantasy in grade school. Now, I just feel sorry for her. But there's more to Miss B*tch than meets the eye. I know the real story behind her pretty face. I know her deepest, darkest secrets. And I promised I'd carry them with me until the day I died. Now, I know she needs me more than ever. Not just as her best friend, or the boy who kissed her tears away when we were younger. She needs me to make things right, and I owe it to our friendship to give us one last shot before it's too late. There's just one person standing in the way. Her boyfriend... My brother. Second in a series of interconnected high school romances. This is a new adult romance with a boyfriend's brother, mean girl/geek, forbidden relationship.

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