Forged In The Flames

Forged In The Flames

by : Karima Sa'ad Usman

Werewolf  |  Length: 20:56:14  |  Completed
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Nikolas Kowalski was a Lycan rogue that rose from the ashes of his past to become the most powerful man of his era. Although he had turned his life around, his thirst for revenge was beyond his control, and he sort to get even with the people that burned, destroyed his family and made them into rogues. He sorts to seek revenge on the alpha that defeated his father and exiled his mother while pregnant with him. Luckily he did not go feral because he was born packless, but his mother was able to hold on to her sanity long enough to raise him and tell him her version of the truth. Now that he has risen with so much hate, he seeks to destroy the man and people behind his family’s demise by taking his territory, his daughter, Aliana, and making her and the people suffer.Although Nikolas seeks revenge and retribution through Aliana, his heart and wolf seek otherwise; enthralled by her personality, he falls deeper than he could ever imagine.

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