Jameson: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book Two

Jameson: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book Two

by : Frankie Love

Romance  |  Length: 3:19:39  |  Completed
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I've been on Whiskey Mountain for years, refusing to live off my family's fortune. I can take care of myself like a real ass man by flying sea planes, delivering illegal cargo, and keeping my profile low. Then Jemma knocks on my door. And my world changes. Everyone thinks she's dead. But by the way she moves ... Hell, she is very much alive. And she needs a man who can protect her, a man she can trust. She thinks I'm a good guy. I better become one before it's too late. Dear Reader, We're back on Whiskey Mountain ... and trouble is afoot. But before the sh*t hits the fan, Jameson's determined to give Jemma the night of her life! He's next level mountain man and he's swinging more than an axe, just sayin! He's carrying solid wood, baby! It's filthy, it's sweet, it's everything you need. Xo, Frankie

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