Kalliopee: A Princess's Sacrifice

Kalliopee: A Princess's Sacrifice

by : Koko Nhan

Romance  |  Length: 12:20:03  |  Completed
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After years of violent battles, Kalliopee agrees to sacrifice her freedom by marrying the prince of the enemy kingdom in order to bring peace. In a world where women are treated as slaves rather than wives, she is still delighted to be reunited with her first love, Karel. However, life is unpredictable, and the horrors of war have transformed Karel into a tough and ruthless heir to the throne, who despises the Viridians more than anything. While he has no qualms about mistreating Kalliopee, his determination wavers when confronted with her striking eyes. In the midst of desire and animosity, schemes and plots, dreams and disillusionment, will the princess’s heart endure the price of her liberty?

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