King of Thieves: Demons of Elysium, Book Two

King of Thieves: Demons of Elysium, Book Two

by : Jane Kindred

Paranormal  |  Length: 11:00:25  |  Completed
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There are worse things to lose than a good name. Belphagor is used to being on top—at the gaming table and in the bedroom. But as a boyfriend? He’s pretty much out of his element. Temperamental firespirit Vasily has stuck by his side so far, giving Belphagor some of the most intense sexual experiences of his life. But their relationship is far from perfect. Vasily’s rebellious nature exposes trust issues that can’t be ignored—and playing games with his safeword adds fuel to the fire. When Belphagor uncovers a nefarious smuggling ring that spans both Heaven and Earth, Vasily jumps at the chance to help shut it down. But Belphagor hasn’t told him everything, and Vasily soon finds himself in mortal peril. The Prince of Tricks may have finally pushed Vasily too far, putting one more crack in an already fragile foundation. With love, honor, and his life on the line, Belphagor will need every trick up his sleeve to dismantle the smuggling ring for good. But winning Vasily back will take more than tricks. It’s time to lay all the cards on the table—or risk losing everything.

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