Legacy of the Wolf

Legacy of the Wolf

by : DangerBeanz

Werewolf  |  Length: 32:39:07  |  Completed
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MollyJay Bijou is a woman of almost 30 who works 3 jobs and has fewer friends, and as an orphan she has no family. Her life had been a perfect series of screw ups and disappointments, until an obnoxious stranger and his rowdy friends change all that. Werewolves from the moon? You have got to be joking...right?***BOOK 1 COMPLETE**** Book 2: War of the Wolves will continue the story

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2023-10-27 17:52:13
Where do I find the 2nd book ( War of the Wolves) I really need to hear it ...... Please some one tell me!!!! I need it.... I'm severely going thru withdrawals , cuz I need to know what happens with MJ and Dante!!! I loved this book I don't want to start another book.....
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Kia Germany

2023-08-24 01:34:43
Need the 2nd book. I’m going through withdrawals.
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Cynthia Cole

2023-08-10 06:01:40
Where do i find the 2 book
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