My Four Miraculous Treasures

My Four Miraculous Treasures

by : Spicy Summer

Romance  |  Length: 1:54:45  |  Ongoing
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Willow Nason suffered a calculated betrayal. Her virginity was taken, and the man from that fateful night left a token of his presence behind.However, she lost the token and could not locate the man, leaving her with nothing and an uncertain future.Five years later, armed with four little treasures, she returned with a determination to turn things around.Unintentionally, she drew the attention of an immensely powerful figure who held the power to make life-altering decisions in the world.First child: "Mommy, I've hacked into the tycoon's company. He'll come to apologize to you."Second child: "Mommy, I accidentally got involved in a scheme and lured the tycoon to our home."Third child: "Mommy, the tycoon wants to take me abroad to taste gourmet food."Fourth child: "Mommy, Daddy left you a priceless token."She had always believed her treasures to be ordinary little kids, so why were they all prodigies?!Then, a certain influential figure who was cold and imposing arrived at her home. He forced her to the corner of the bed and said, "Woman, you gave birth to my children secretly. You need to be held accountable for that." "What do you want me to do?" Willow said in a panic.The tycoon wrapped his arm around her waist. He flashed her a devilish smile and said, "Give birth to another one."

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