Quadruplet For The Coldhearted Billionaire

Quadruplet For The Coldhearted Billionaire

by : Elizabeth A.D

Billionaire  |  Length: 11:57:57  |  Completed
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Daphne’s life was ruined by them; her best friend and boyfriend.Awaiting her boyfriend’s arrival back from the states, they agreed to meet at a bar below the most expensive hotel.Her drink was spiked by her best friend and she entered the wrong room by mistake where she had a nightstand with a stranger.The next morning, she realized what and ran after doing embarrassing things to him. She called him inexperienced, shoved a necklace to his face and even hit him with her heels.She arrived home to find out she was set up by her best friend and her boyfriend who had been having an affair right before he traveled out of the country. Daphne worked extra time to sponsor her boyfriend's career and now he’s come to dump her with the excuse of infidelity.She felt betrayed and heartbroken.One day, she fainted and found out she was pregnant with four babies. Her nightstand resulted in pregnancy with Quadruplet but she’s got no idea who the father of her babies is. Black William a top billionaire in the entire state, having women by his side or sleeping with them was never his desire. He detests them with passion. That same night when his guard was down due to a trick played on him with his drinks, a woman took advantage of his situation. The next morning, he orders a search for the enemy who took away his seed. He has just one thing on her; a pearl necklace!

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kim smith

2023-04-20 11:03:02
book worthy to be in your library
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