Rough Deal: Coming Home to the Mountain, Book Two

Rough Deal: Coming Home to the Mountain, Book Two

by : Frankie Love

Romance  |  Length: 2:44:52  |  Completed
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Everyone has a secret. Mine is ruining my life … making me bitter, callous, cold. I’m Rye Rough -- the oldest of seven kids, with a family tree that built this town. I understand more than most that reputations matter. Which is why I keep my mouth shut -- and that secret? I’m not telling a soul. It’s clear it’s causing problems. Working as my dad’s right-hand man, I’m angrier than ever -- and hell, it’s messing with the family construction company. My father forces a deal: Go to the rural family cabin and don’t come back until I get my head on straight or I lose my place in the business. As if spending more time alone is going to solve anything. One day into my retreat – I find Prairie, a beautifully fragile woman who is lost, alone and in need of my tender loving care. Her life has been one of confinement and abuse. She needs me like I’ve never been needed before. My family doesn’t understand my love for her. My secret keeps me up at night. Something must give before it all breaks. One thing is sure – rough hands have been dealt for both Prairie and me … and for our love to survive we can’t fold. Coming Home to the Mountain is a new filthy-sweet, high heat series by Frankie Love featuring rugged mountain men who fall hard, fast and forever. And with the women they love at their side, they choose to put family first. In this series, Dad shows up, sisters remember to call, big brothers always look out for you, and Mom knows to keep an extra seat at the table for Sunday dinner. Not every family is perfect -- and the Rough family has its own set of problems -- but at the end of the day, they know what matters: Coming Home.

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