Ruthless Mate

Ruthless Mate


Werewolf  |  Length: 10:43:04  |  Completed
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A gasp escaped past her lips when she felt his tongue licking her skin where her neck meets her shoulder. Her heart drummed in her ears. Her chin quivering and her body trembling.A jolt of electrifying jolts ran down her body as his lips gave soft feathery kisses on her neck. She was a nervous mush in his arms."Sweet," He rasped in his deep baritone voice. She stiffened, even more, when his nose caressed her jawline and he inhaled her scent. She was squished against his hard muscular chest and all she could feel and inhale was him. His big veiny hands, his muscular steel-like arms around her waist, and his sinful lips."Your scent...mhmm... so f*cking addicting," a growl reverberated from his chest."S...stop," She stuttered."Shss..." The rough pad of his thumb caressed her lips.

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