Summer Nights with a Cowboy: Kittredge Ranch, Book Three

Summer Nights with a Cowboy: Kittredge Ranch, Book Three

by : Caitlin Crews

Romance  |  Length: 9:13:40  |  Completed
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USA Today bestselling author Caitlin Crews returns with Summer Nights with a Cowboy , another emotional romance in her stunning cowboy series Kittredge Ranch …. He doesn’t believe in love… Traveling nurse Janie Atwood has come to Cold River to uncover old family secrets and maybe, if she’s lucky, find a new home. That the gorgeous, glowering sheriff next door thinks her caring for his elderly neighbor is a nefarious scheme is a bonus. Having never been anything but a good girl, Janie finds Zack Kittredge’s simmering suspicion an excellent reason to try being a little dangerous instead… She doesn’t believe in squandering it… Sheriff Zack Kittredge is okay with being… intense. He takes his loner status as seriously as he takes his responsibilities to protect Cold River. And he thinks cheerful Janie might be a threat to the town. But the more he gets to know her, the more he faces the truth―she’s brighter than sunshine and he’s like a moth to her flame. When Janie suggests he could use a few charm school lessons, he surprises them both by accepting. He doesn’t need help. But it’s clear he might need her… Because the only thing hotter than the summer sun in the Rockies is the forbidden passion that burns between them… “This steamy tale proves opposites attract.” ― Publishers Weekly (starred review) on All Night Long with a Cowboy

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