The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

by : Lord Leaf

Urban/Realistic  |  Length: 146:57:32  |  Updated just now
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Leo Stocks

2023-05-03 23:50:02
they need to do more than 2 or 5 chapters a day
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Arnold Gutierrez

2023-04-18 17:30:02
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2023-04-12 06:07:40
Good story, wish episodes were cheaper however, they're only 4-5 mins long per ep
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James Riley

2023-03-27 19:09:03
Nobody says Vera, Ellen Wang. I hate how to keep saying her for her first and middle name it here.
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James Riley

2023-03-27 09:26:56
How do you change to voice of the reader. They in China but he making it sound like they are from England. And the fact that Jacob is scared to tell his daughter what her mother did to him in college that broke up his relationship with the woman he really love. Like damn grow a pair get a divorce
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2023-03-21 11:31:08
Can’t put it down smh!
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