Triplets on Secret Mission

Triplets on Secret Mission

by : Lamour Toujours

Billionaire  |  Length: 10:02:58  |  Ongoing
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Despite being single, Molly May had become pregnant without her knowing how six years ago. As a result, she fell into disrepute and got abandoned by her family.Six years later, she returned with her triplets: Alex, Ben, and Claudia. The triplets with high IQ found that Sean Anderson was their biological father. Hence, they went to meet him without telling their mother.However, the CEO refused to recognize his offspring. “I have lived chastely and never had physical contact with a woman.”“DNA doesn’t lie, and that’s a fact,” said Alex, the eldest of the bunch.“People say men will forget what they've done after pulling on pants. It seems to be true,” said Ben, the middle child.“You should be happy and grateful to have three adorable kids and a beautiful wife,” said Claudia, the youngest of the bunch.While Sean played the role of a father and his relationship with the triplets grew rapidly, he was estranged from his wife.So the triplets taught him tips and tricks to pursue women: making bold moves, stealing kisses, proposing, etc.Nevertheless, Molly was distraught by his moves. “Such flirting skills befit an experienced male escort.”When Sean's identity was finally revealed, he retorted, “You are the 'escort.' Your entire family are 'escorts!'”

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Dominique Hermida

2024-01-19 00:10:24
same same more updates please this story is very good I hope there will be more
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2023-10-08 11:50:42
Good morning good Fm Story book English सुखने पढने hey its
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Shawna Lovella

2023-05-05 02:16:51
This is a great start but I am sooo sad and disappointed that there is not more.
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2023-04-23 06:51:07
More updates please...
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