Untamed Fiance: Mountain Men of Bear Valley, Book 4

Untamed Fiance: Mountain Men of Bear Valley, Book 4

by : Chantel Seabrook

Paranormal  |  Length: 3:31:22  |  Completed
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Bear Valley: Where rugged men find more than a safe haven -- they find their mates. The deal is simple: Piper Bancroft pretends to be my mate and we both get what we want. I'll be the next Chief and she'll get her nosy mother off her back. But independent and strong-willed Piper has rules. Lots of them. The most impossible being her insistence that we don't sleep together. But she never said anything about kissing. And one kiss is all it takes. Piper is my mate, and there's nothing fake about it . If she finds out I want her for keeps, she'll be leaving for the lower forty-eight. When our lies start to spiral out of control, no one is safe. And Piper might be gone forever. This time she isn't the one running. Someone is after her. I may be an untamed mountain man, but deep down I'm a wild bear. And I will stop at nothing to take back what is mine. The rugged mountain men of Bear Valley are ready to defend their untamed love.

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