Viking: Black Shamrocks MC: First Generation Book 2

Viking: Black Shamrocks MC: First Generation Book 2

by : Kylie Hillman

Romance  |  Length: 8:15:59  |  Completed
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Why does forbidden fruit always taste the sweetest? A filthy biker with a reputation for using his fists first and asking questions later, Victor "Viking" Kennedy wasn't under the illusion that his marriage to Bonnie Dubois had the makings of a grand love affair. She was a prima ballerina—a snobby bitch who knew she was sex-on-legs. She was also ripe for a walk on the wild side with him. Their understanding was mutual. A year-long fling that kept them both satisfied until she headed overseas to pursue her dancing career. It was good while it lasted. The perfect arrangement that took a wrong turn and ended with a surprise pregnancy followed by a shotgun wedding. Nowadays, they're just two parents doing their best to raise their son right. And, it was working until his VP's teenage daughter sashayed her way into his life and turned everything on its head. She's off-limits. An indiscretion punishable by death. So why can't Viking find a way to halt their growing connection? Viking is the second book in the highly anticipated prequel, spin off series to the International Bestselling Black Shamrocks MC series by Kylie Hillman. This tale of forbidden love will confuse your head and confound your heart. Grab your copy today! SERIES READING ORDER: Conan Viking Butch Lenny Doc Beast

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2023-03-05 08:46:18
Great book series! Only problem they don’t have the 1st hook at This time
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