Walker: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book One

Walker: The Men of Whiskey Mountain, Book One

by : Frankie Love

Romance  |  Length: 5:50:17  |  Completed
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Amazon Bestselling Author Frankie Love brings you a new full-length standalone romance … With all the mountain man goodness you crave… I came to the Whiskey Mountains to outrun my past, but now it’s knocking on my cabin door. One look, one kiss, one night -- and I know Waverly is mine. But this innocent woman is linked to my family in a way that will break her. I can’t let her go. Not yet. And the trouble I’m dodging is hell-bent on finding us both. When it does, Waverly will know the truth. I’m the brother of the drug lord who killed her sister. My family is coming … and it’s up to me to save the woman I love. Dear Reader, This is the novel you’ve been waiting for: A virgin named Waverly waiting for her hero to take her. A rugged man named Walker who’s dirty, dangerous, and willing to do the deed. In classic Frankie Love fashion, the Whiskey Mountains were made for miracles, and this filthy-sweet romance was made for you. Xo, Frankie

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