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Flash Writings
Flash Writings
Wael El-manzalawy Literature&Fiction
Flash writings are very very short writings but flash writings can introduce very important ideas. Writing flash works is not an easy task. Long works have a wide space to move in. This ebook contains some flash writings such as “The World After Coronavirus”, “Travelling Recreates Your Thinking”, “Frozen Water”, “The Nightmare” and others.
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My Journey Through The West (Autobiography)
My Journey Through The West (Autobiography)
Wael El-Manzalawy Literature&Fiction
This ebook is about the influence of the Western Culture on an Egyptian writer.<br><br>I was very interested in politics and news. And the result was that I felt that all the western peoples hate us. Although generalization is a very common mistake, I was the victim of this mistake: I listened to the news and I generalized my feelings: all the western peoples hate us and want to destroy our countries. Since 2003, I began using the Internet. I dealt with many western persons. And gradually my feelings changed. I invite you to read this book and to discover my journey through the Western World.
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