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 The Alpha's Slave Mate

The Alpha's Slave Mate

goodfm by: Danielle Bush

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    Pretty Jackson

    2022-05-31 08:22:27

    I'll wait until the book completed before I waste money on it..

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    Becca M De Felice-hayes

    2022-05-29 19:51:41

    this book is great but there is no ending yet. I got to the end today and when I read the comments they had some from 5 months ago so not sure if she is coming back to this book.

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    Paulinee Miller

    2022-05-17 21:13:34

    Ehen will there be more or the rest of the book been waiting?

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    Hannajo Perritt

    2022-04-17 00:54:39

    i love this book so far

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    Rachel Bascue

    2022-03-09 09:37:18

    Please continue

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    Kevin Kimbrough

    2022-01-17 14:58:16

    we all need more piz

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    Genie Petersen

    2021-12-14 10:05:26

    amazing book love it

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    Akaysee Greene

    2022-02-03 20:06:51

    why u have to pay for listening and you can give enough coins to listen to them why u did not open the whole book so you go straight through the whole book and done but I love the book thank for giving the book to us ...️

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    Amanda Lee Bouchat

    2022-01-26 09:22:45

    where is the third book

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    Nikki Evans

    2023-05-03 08:22:31

    okay would definitely rate this book of five if they would finish it but it is literally been sitting at 90 chapters for well over 6 months at this point when are they going to finish it


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