The Charismatic Charlie Wade Reviews

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

goodfm by: Lord Leaf

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    Joey Jones

    2023-01-09 22:51:47

    with Charlie should have done doing this phone call is to let her know that yes he will be there, but he need her to come as well .he didn't think something's through

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    Michael Hall

    2022-12-24 17:45:10

    let's celebrate and blow a ton on a party

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    2022-08-15 12:01:21

    The story line seems to be the same as the billionaire in disguise

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    Jett Away

    2022-07-07 06:22:04

    this is 1 amazing story Charlie is da man

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    Robert Black

    2022-04-21 22:12:04

    extremely awesome book have made it to chapter 37 and keep starting the book over to make sure I didn't miss anything in the previous chapters so I start back on the 1st chapter and start the book over. I have listened to the book at least 20 times because it is just that good

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    Mi Po

    2022-03-31 01:37:07

    fantastic book

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    Taye Sherman

    2022-01-28 21:29:00

    I started reading this book on good novel it is amazing Charlie is amazing through this entire book so far. The amazing things that he does in this book keeps me wanting more

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    Ime Fuimaono

    2022-01-20 06:04:16

    all the books I've listen to are so good. I love this app


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