The Charismatic Charlie Wade Reviews

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

goodfm by: Lord Leaf

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    2023-03-26 11:54:14

    Enough of the lying. Am I supposed to wait for Claire to find something unusual for the 1000th time and then believe whatever bullshit Charlie feeds her. Besides I want that marriage gone already. It’s so restricting.

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    Taye Sherman

    2023-01-28 02:33:23

    right Jazmine iis waiting as well as 9 others as the book goes on GoodNovel reads it up to chapter 3400 something

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    Lance Martinez

    2022-10-15 21:25:11

    this chapter makes me fume. divorce claire screw her and her despicable mother. her best friend is just waiting for Charlie. and hev will get some ...


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