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The Trap Of Ace

The Trap Of Ace

goodfm by: Eva Zahan

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    2021-11-06 23:52:00

    I’m super enjoying it. The characters definitely have some faults. But so does everyone in the whole world. Can’t wait to see the ending!

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    2021-11-06 01:18:00

    What is Warner doing this entire trip? Who brings a boyfriend home to their family and do nothing with him??

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    2021-11-06 01:01:00

    He definitely knows you’re there babygirl.... a flower pot??? and are you just walking directly behind him?

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    Eva Zahan

    2021-10-25 21:12:37

    Thank you, Lishaa! Hope you enjoyed it! ...️

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    Lishaa Box

    2021-10-20 19:50:34

    I’m so happy to listen to the audio of this bioc

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    2022-09-06 21:51:48

    Please release with actual people voicing the book and not a robot… this book is amazing but the voice is awful!


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