9 Novellas by Bella Lore Complete Bundle (Books 1-9)

9 Novellas by Bella Lore Complete Bundle (Books 1-9)

by : Bella Lore

Werewolf  |  Length: 29:39:58  |  Completed
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A bundle of books #1-#9 in Bella Lore’s 9 NOVELLAS BY BELLA LORE paranormal romance collection! This complete bundle offers books one through nine in one convenient file, with over 100,000 words of reading. From paranormal romance author Bella Lore comes a collection of nine epic novellas, guaranteed to make your heart swoon and your jaw drop. In BOUND TO THE ALPHA (Book #1), Keira is madly in love with Troy, the gorgeous Alpha of her pack. The only problem: Keira is a lowly Omega, and he won’t pay any attention to her. In fact, he bullies her, along with everyone else. But one day everything changes, and Keira, after a mysterious encounter in the woods, might just find her fortune turned around. Can a lowly Omega hope for greatness? Will Keira find her true mate? In DESIRED BY THE ALPHA (Book #2), Marla is arranged to marry Dean, a mate within her pack. And although he is an honest, kind man, she is already in love with Lucas. Lucas, however, is a wolf outside her pack—making theirs a forbidden, secret love. Marla’s mother tries to convince her that she is lucky. Dean is a good Alpha, and she should be grateful to be with him. But her heart knows the truth. Can Marla grow to love the Alpha? Or will she always truly belong with Lucas? In FALLING FOR THE ROGUE (Book #3), Rachel is about to turn 18 and set to wed the Alpha of her pack, the man every other girl wants. She knows she should be happy, and she can’t understand why, instead, she feels so confused. The Alpha is sure that Rachel is his mate. So why isn’t Rachel certain that they are destined for each other? With her birthday and wedding just days away, Rachel can’t handle the pressure of her swirling emotions. She flees to the forest, to clear her mind—but accidentally leaves her pack’s borders. She enters a rogue’s territory and finds herself face to face with a dangerous rogue. He is a boy unlike any she’s ever met, with eyes so hypnotizing she can barely breathe. Her entire body trembles as she looks into those eyes. She knows that to love him would be strictly forbidden, would go against everything she was raised to be. But she can’t deny her feelings. Has she finally found her true mate? In MATED TO THE ALPHA (Book #4), On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Bria expects to hear the announcement she’s anticipated for two years: that she will wed Nathaniel, her true love. But then her Alpha breaks the news—and her heart. Bria will never see Nathaniel again. Instead, she will be mated to Jeremiah, a wolf outside of the pack. Jeremiah is strong and handsome, a worthy wolf. But Bria will have to leave her pack, her family, her home, and everything she’s ever known. Above all, she’ll have to leave Nathaniel. Can Bria learn to love Jeremiah? Or will her heart always truly belong to Nathaniel? In MY TRUE ALPHA (Book #5), Samantha has always been a bit of a rebel. Yet, her life stays the same as it ever was. Until, for the first time in Samantha’s life, someone in the pack issues a Challenge. Gutsy, brave Rafael challenges the Alpha to a duel. When Rafael wins, he upsets the hierarchy of the entire pack and becomes the new Alpha. And while he’s stirring tensions, something begins to stir in Samantha’s heart. She can’t seem to forget the strong and charming rebel who overthrew a nation. But the old Alpha won’t let an outsider take over that easily. As tensions rise, Samantha can’t help but get involved. Because Samantha thinks Rafael might just be her true mate. In PROMISED TO THE ALPHA (Book #6), PROMISED TO THE ALPHA, Nicole has spent all her life dreaming of who her mate will be. She spends her days roaming the forest, exploring with her best friend Shelby, imagining the future. Until one day, Gavin—the Alpha of a neighboring pack—makes an unexpected visit. Nicole has never heard of such a thing happening before. And when Gavin finally arrives, he says that he’s here to see Nicole—and that a prophecy foretold their meeting. Will Nicole fall for the handsome, powerful Alpha? Is Gavin her fate? In THE ALPHA’S BRIDE (Book #7), everything Danielle has ever known changes in an instant when, on her eighteenth birthday, the Alpha arranges her a mate. Danielle has always wanted a mate—someday—but she just turned eighteen. Danielle argues that she’s too young, that she’s not ready. But no one can argue with the Alpha. So Danielle accepts her fate and prepares to meet her mate. But nothing could prepare her for who her mate is: Cameron. Not only is he from outside of their pack, but, to Danielle’s greatest disbelief, he is an Alpha. Cameron is a good man and a strong leader. But his true mate, the former leader, recently died, and he is still grieving. Danielle feels an instant connection, and she can’t understand why he is unable to reciprocate her feelings. Soon, Danielle finds herself caught amidst emotions deeper than she’s ever experienced before. Can Danielle help the Alpha move onto this new love? Or, at only eighteen years old, is she destined to a lifelong grief? In THE ALPHA’S DESIRE (Book #8), Sasha is a fierce Gamma, the toughest the pack has ever known. Hunter is a powerful Alpha, and he wants Sasha as his mate. Sasha likes hunter, but she is unsure. Is he really her one and only mate? Or is her true mate still out there, waiting for her? In the meantime, with other women vying for Hunter’s love—and with their pack under attack—a twist of fate may just change everything. ...

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Sonja Murphy

2023-02-22 06:30:19
why does book 3 only have 2 chapters?
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