Loving my Rejected Luna

Loving my Rejected Luna

by : Blossom Harold

Werewolf  |  Length: 20:52:53  |  Completed
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“I'm not asking you to love me back. As long as you let me love you, I'll love you till I die"_______________ Being rejected and thrown out of the pack by her mate and Lover was something Kiara never saw coming. She watched her life crumble before her eyes and decided that she was never going to forgive him no matter what. Two years later, after trying to put the past behind her and ignoring her ex lover and mate as much as she could, She bumped into him and the emotions and pain that had once been buried deep down surfaces to the top. But when a Powerful Alpha and a mafia Lord both have eyes on her, wanting her as their mate. Would she follow her heart which has longed for her mate? Or would she choose the man who would lay his world under her feet?

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