Alpha Brock

Alpha Brock

by : C.J. Primer

Werewolf  |  Length: 11:55:19  |  Completed
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SIX PACK SERIES BOOK FOUR ~ BROCK : I don't believe in happy endings. I stopped believing in them right around the time the woman I loved left me for another man. Love nearly destroyed me once, and when I picked myself back up, I swore I'd never be that stupid again. If you never give someone your heart, they can't break it- so for years, I've closed myself off; never opening up, never feeling. Growing more bitter as everyone around me finds their happy endings. Then I met Astrid. She's annoyingly perky, infuriatingly beautiful, and seems convinced that her cheerful little-miss-sunshine act can melt the ice around my heart. Worst of all, though, is some part of me wants her- and a girl like that is dangerous in my hands. She'll give me every piece of herself, only for her to break when I can't give her anything in return. ~ ASTRID : My whole life, I've gone with my gut. I get feelings about things and people that others don't get, and I've been told that it's a special gift; that I'm an 'intuitive'. I've also been accused of being an eternal optimist, which is why I'm thrown for a loop when I get hit with a gut feeling about the moodiest, broodiest guy I've ever met, like we're supposed to be something to each other. Like we're connected somehow. Trusting my gut has never let me down before, but the more time I spend with Brock, the more I wonder whether my 'gift' has gone haywire. This guy has built walls around his heart a mile thick, and he's not letting anyone through. He's living his life in the darkness, and I'm a little afraid that if I let myself get too close to him, he'll steal my light.

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Jasmine Iraida Gonzalez Silva

2023-12-28 03:06:18
I love all the books Gray, Theo ,Jax and Brock the only one that is missing is Alpha Reid
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Evelyn Rogers

2023-02-08 03:22:53
love the books but couldn't you guys have kept the voices the same
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Dominique Fifer

2023-01-25 18:42:36
I loved the six pack series and came back to reread/ re-listen to it but I've noticed on a couple of the books the chapters are locked again and the previous comments are missing. What's going on?
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