Alpha Loren

Alpha Loren

by : Elle A. H.

Werewolf  |  Length: 51:28:17  |  Completed
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Leonardo Loren is the most powerful man in the world. As Alpha of a colossal pack he could have anything and anyone he liked. That was until he met Ella. Fiercely independent, strong-willed and hugely unafraid. She was unique. And she was everything he hated. Their personalities clash and their relationship is left as a multitudinous sea of turbulent resentment and hostility. But can their undeniable love rise above?This work currently contains three books in the Alpha Loren series: Alpha Loren, The Magic of Hecate and The Kingdom of the Banished

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Melissa Thorne Halferty

2023-09-30 19:39:16
Both of the main characters are so frustrating. Leo has done so much wrong, but Ella keeps saying she loves him and trusts him and then turns right around to prove that that is not true.
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