Alpha Osiris

Alpha Osiris

by : Naomi D.

Werewolf  |  Length: 38:11:21  |  Completed
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Lily is one of the six children of Alpha Edward, but she is not like the rest. While her sisters excel at everything and stand out, Lily is less than perfect and hardly anyone notices her. When she meets Alpha Osiris at a dinner they both dislike each other. Alpha Osiris tries reluctantly to find a mate, while Lily tries to think of a future that isn't dictated by whom her future mate will be. But the Moon Goddess has other plans for the both of them.

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2023-04-18 00:07:33
I’ve read the books and have listened to the audio book it truly brings the characters to life. Now when it gets to the sad parts it hits you so much harder because now you hear real characters. I laughed and cried more times listening to the live voices than when I read it myself the first time.
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Jacquate Thompson

2023-04-06 19:05:30
Great book
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Lorri Schneider Martin

2023-03-25 14:29:16
why can't I continue reading after chapter 16 1? I am not a fan of audio. Thank you!
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2023-02-04 04:07:24
Great narration, they really bring out the characters personalities. Please update all characters as soon as possible
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