Alpha's Treasure mate- His luna is an omega

Alpha's Treasure mate- His luna is an omega

by : Miss Olivia

Werewolf  |  Length: 1:51:29  |  Ongoing
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“You can run. You can hide. But your scent will always call to me, and you will never escape.”Astrid is a weak omega shifter, born into the Stone Moon pack and resigned to a life of slavery. Though she’s given up hope, her wolf believes she’ll find a mate who will love her and save her from a life of misery and abuse. Meanwhile, Dominic Knight, the powerful alpha of the Blood Moon pack, is a nightmare to his rivals and seeks no mate. After suffering the loss of his previous mate, Isabella, he wants nothing more than to take revenge against his father. But his inner wolf has other plans. He demands a mate and threatens to overtake Dominic if he doesn’t get his way.For the safety of his pack, Dominic succumbs to the pressure and claims Astrid as his mate, but it is only to produce an heir and appease his wolf's desires, not out of love.Will Astrid be able to break through the walls around Dominic's heart and find happiness, or will she remain trapped in a loveless bond, used only to satisfy his wolf's needs?

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