Alpha Daryl

Alpha Daryl

by : Taylor West

Werewolf  |  Length: 24:54:34  |  Completed
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On her eighteenth birthday, slave to the Black Night pack Ashley makes a run for it, trying to escape a life of torment and abuse she runs into Daryl.Daryl happens to be the Alpha of Crescent pack and Ashley's mate, something she least expected and whilst their relationship does not get off to the best of starts, they discover that Ashley is the missing Royal. Whilst Ashley starts to learn about her life and what the Royal symbol means, Alpha Daryl's past starts to catch up with him creating a challenging time along the way.

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2023-02-19 07:46:22
Loving it so far and I am only in the first few chapters.
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June Chase

2022-11-03 07:18:37
Daryl have a good voice
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Karie Queen

2022-07-16 13:53:57
is there ever going to be an update to finish the book
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Karie Queen

2022-07-05 02:09:59
it's been almost 2 months and no updates
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2022-06-17 00:55:39
How dare she ends the book like that. Lol I need more. it was a great story wow!!!
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Kimberly Pope

2022-05-20 04:08:48
I love these books because they are different books you can read
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