Alpha Daryl

Alpha Daryl

by : Taylor West

Werewolf  |  Length: 25:18:08  |  Completed
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On her eighteenth birthday, slave to the Black Night pack Ashley makes a run for it, trying to escape a life of torment and abuse she runs into Daryl.Daryl happens to be the Alpha of Crescent pack and Ashley's mate, something she least expected and whilst their relationship does not get off to the best of starts, they discover that Ashley is the missing Royal. Whilst Ashley starts to learn about her life and what the Royal symbol means, Alpha Daryl's past starts to catch up with him creating a challenging time along the way.

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JoyBunch Jason Bunch

2023-05-17 21:01:00
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Sam Taylor-Eggleso

2023-05-11 21:24:07
I read up to chapter 68 came on today to carry on reading it and it's listening only.what the heck!!
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2023-02-19 07:46:22
Loving it so far and I am only in the first few chapters.
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💚💜Nana baby💙🧡

2023-02-07 08:23:12
the rest of the book is on goodnovel theres 213 chapters in the book on that app and u can start where this one left off it sucks we have to read tho huh will the rest be loaded to this book on this app??
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💚💜Nana baby💙🧡

2023-02-07 08:19:20
what!!????? where's the rest of the book how the heck is it just gonna end like that what happend to Daryl what happend to and witheverything / everyone else y were they screaming and just dropping???? where's the rest of the book???
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June Chase

2022-11-03 07:18:37
Daryl have a good voice
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