BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha's Little Demon

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha's Little Demon

by : Cassandra M

Werewolf  |  Length: 59:53:07  |  Completed
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Ten years after he took over as the Alpha of the Mystic Pack, Alpha Adan Stone Robinson has yet to find his mate. With the clock ticking down and the desire to produce an heir, he was left with no choice but to find a suitable breeder. An Omega would be a perfect choice—someone who could give him a son and would not make his life complicated.Born to a Demon Prince and an Omega/rogue she-wolf, Lucija (Lucia) never wanted the Demon Princess life she had. In her attempt to run away from the underworld, she found herself thrown into the world of the wolves, the only realm her father told her never to cross.With her demon power suppressed, it was too late now to turn her back on the world her species hated the most. Now, she's at the mercy of the famous Alpha of the Mystic Pack - whose sole goal was to make her his perfect breeder. *This is a standalone book*

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2023-08-08 16:36:51
You can find this book on Goodnovel app, same title by Cassandra M. It's completed already and a really good book!
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