Chasin' Eight: Rough Riders, Book 11

Chasin' Eight: Rough Riders, Book 11

by : Lorelei James

Romance  |  Length: 11:16:20  |  Completed
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A hunky cowboy who’s sworn off women. A Hollywood starlet searching for something real. A road trip that tests their “just friends” deal from day one. When professional bull rider Chase McKay lands in a compromising situation and is booted off the Pro tour until he can mend his reputation—and improve his riding, he escapes, hiding out from this meddling family and making plans to restore his image. Plans that definitely don’t include a woman. Actress Ava Cooper is the tabloids’ favorite target after her celebrity boyfriend publicly humiliates her. She needs a place to lie low and reexamine all aspects of her life. When her former attorney offers her a rent-free cabin in nowhere Wyoming, Ava eagerly ditches LA in search of solitude. So why in the heck is there a brawny cowboy sleeping in her bed? At first, Chase is skeptical of the blonde bombshell invading his space, especially since she’s exactly the type of woman he’s trying to avoid. Once the mix-up is explained, it’s clear one of them will have to leave the small hideaway. When Chase mentions he’s hitting the circuit to get back to basics, Ava convinces him she’s the perfect travel partner. But days spent in forced proximity only increases their mutual lust and they find it harder to keep their hands to themselves. After one wild night, clothes and promises are tossed aside. While the mind-blowing passion isn’t surprising, the trust and deepening relationship is unexpected. After the press gets wind of the affair, can this unlikely pair prove to the world, and each other, it wasn't a meaningless summer fling?

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