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*completed* Running away from her uncle, who kept her locked up in a room for almost 2 years after her parents died. He just wanted all the wealth of her parents. He tortures her to hand over the property to him. She has no choice but to run. She reached the dark forest where humans were strictly restricted to even stand near it. But entering the forest she did not know that her fate is tied with the king of the forest. Her uncle who is searching for her everywhere and the mateless alpha standing in front of her, to tear her apart. What will happen to her now??Alpha Vance" please at least be with her during her heat; she is a human Alpha, she can’t handle the heat. Usually human don’t have heat, but she is an Alpha’s mate, and an Alpha’s mate has to go through very worse heat than an omega." Astrid begged, but I didn't answer." look Vance___" I cut her off.." no, you look here Astrid. I don't fucking care if she lives or dies. I want us to be together."" How can you be this selfish?" she asked, and that made me go out of my mind." shut the fuck up, Astrid," I shouted and she flinched but didn't utter a word."She is mate or not I love you, Astrid , let her die I don't care

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Jessica Mayotte

2023-01-02 15:59:24
great story
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Carolyn Padier

2022-12-24 03:16:08
very good book
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Nikki Evans

2022-11-27 16:23:11
and I'm really hoping because we didn't have an update last week that it was just because of Thanksgiving so I'm really really hoping that this is not how the damn book ends because it leaves me with a whole lot of unanswered questions
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Nikki Evans

2022-11-27 14:50:10
so far so good can't wait for more
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