Her Second Chance Alpha

Her Second Chance Alpha

by : Natacha_H

Werewolf  |  Length: 6:28:21  |  Ongoing
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Isabella is the packs outcast. She has been ever since the Luna was killed in a rogue attack where she and the Alpha and Luna's daughter was with her. Isabella is treated as the lowest of the low, and when her 18th birthday comes up she decides to leave it all behind. She rejects the Alpha's son as her mate, seeing as he has been one of her greatest bullies. She feels the pack, but does not know where she is going. What happens when Isabella discover a plot regarding the Luna's 'death', and her true heritage? She is a special wolf, but can she forgive those who deceived her all those years ago? Will she be able to accept her second chance Alpha, when he is the most feared in the world? Follow Isabella on her journey to independence, growth and freedom. Will she ever be truly free, or will she forever be a hunted treasure coveted by many but only truly loved by one?

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Mars Muratalla

2024-03-13 08:41:24
Full book on GoodNovel and FicWorld
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Bossladyc Calhoun

2024-03-10 15:33:01
Can you please update real soon. I hope this isn’t another good book that will never update with more chapters.
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