Finding Dani: Once a Marine Always a Marine, Book 3

Finding Dani: Once a Marine Always a Marine, Book 3

by : Kori David

Romance  |  Length: 4:25:04  |  Completed
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Danielle Bordeaux was used to danger. As a doctor with the Center for Disease Control she thrived on the adventure and challenge of battling the world's worst diseases, in the world's worst places. When Ebola breaks out in a small village in Ghana, she and her team are prepared for the worst. But what she finds is a virus made even more deadly by human hands. And when rebels attack the camp, rescue comes from the last man she ever expected to see again. It hurts every time she looks at him, but also brings a sweet torture that she's not sure she can deny. Damon Dupree is an ex-Marine for hire. A former sniper and an ace helicopter pilot, he goes where the money and excitement take him. The government has him playing babysitter to a genius inventor, bent on finding a cure for Ebola—but a frantic call has him racing to save the one woman from his past that he can't touch—and can't forget. With a killer bent on infecting anyone close with a mutated virus, can he save the only woman who's ever meant anything to him - before they lose everything?

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Laura Uitvlugt

2023-05-19 00:34:01
I loved this story as well as book 3 & 4. But I can't find book 2 of this series.
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