Gone Country: Rough Riders, Book 14

Gone Country: Rough Riders, Book 14

by : Lorelei James

Romance  |  Length: 15:33:05  |  Completed
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She’s boho. He’s a CEO. A match that shouldn’t work, yet they’re completely gone for each other from the start. Arizona businessman and newly discovered McKay love child Gavin Daniels is awarded sole custody of his teenage daughter, Sierra. Gavin moves them to Wyoming, even if he’s unsure where they fit in the McKay family dynamic. While he believes it’ll be good for his daughter, he worries it might be bad for him, because their new housemate, Rielle, is a whole lot hotter than he remembered. Rielle Wetzler has finally overcome the stigma of having hippie parents and getting knocked up at age sixteen. Although her daughter Rory is off at college, financial difficulties still plague Rielle, forcing her to sell her struggling B&B to Gavin. He graciously allows her to live in it, but now Gavin is in Sundance to claim the house that’s rightfully his. And to further complicate matters, her long-dormant libido is definitely all-in with this newly buff Gavin—who has the take-charge attitude to prove he’s all McKay. Sharing a roof is too much temptation, and before long, Gavin and Rielle are sharing a bed. Meanwhile Sierra’s life in small town Wyoming is as dull as she’d feared, with one exception: a gorgeous, brooding high school senior named Boone West. Their easy friendship keeps Sierra grounded in this new reality where her father is in love, and it seems they’re related to everyone in the county. Can Gavin and Rielle find the right balance to share their hearts, lives and families forever?

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