by : Cassandra M

Werewolf  |  Length: 13:43:10  |  Completed
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"Arise, my Luna." I looked down at the ground, slowly rising to my feet while holding my breath. "My name is Clair, Alpha Aeon," I answered respectfully. But I refused to look at him. Frustration rolled out from his aura before it changed into anger. I swallowed hard as bile threatened to rise from my throat. "Have I done anything to despise you?" His hand snaked around the back of my neck as he took one more step. He leaned closer, his breath touching the skin of my neck. "My wolf is so close to marking you, Clair. I can assure you it'll be painful. I'm the only one standing in the way for him. Submit! And we'll make it less painful." He moved his hand to my jaw, forcing me to look at him. "Look at me, you'll be mine! All others before me will be forgotten. Understood?"I closed my eyes, letting the tears I've held fall from my eyes. I was losing this battle. I took a deep breath, ready to bob my head when a ferocious growl marred the air, shaking the ground. "I dare you to touch what's MINE!!!" I snapped my eyes open, turning in the direction of the threat. He's here. He came for me. My Alpha came for me. ¨¨¨¨¨¨ ALPHA JACOB GALHART of the Black Shadow Pack never wanted a mate. He has led his pack for years without a Luna and was contented to remain that way. But it was time now to produce an heir. Not wanting to find his mate, he set his eyes on this one girl, Clair Montrell. He thought he had everything planned out until she turned out to be the fated mate he never wanted. But would he be able to let her go?

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2023-04-07 03:08:20
I enjoyed this book and I looked forward to listen more from this author. Thank you for their story.
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Vicki Hucker

2023-03-20 03:45:32
this a good listen too
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Karrie K

2022-10-03 06:12:56
One of my favorite stories!
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2022-08-20 05:18:01
I already read this story now enjoying listening to jake and clair story…..
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2022-08-13 18:08:10
Can't wait for the next one! Good storyline!
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Dominique Fifer

2024-04-08 04:57:37
I liked this book and the rest of the series.
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