The Alpha King's Daughter

The Alpha King's Daughter

by : Jane Doe

Werewolf  |  Length: 10:21:57  |  Completed
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"Dad I've told you a hundred times, I don't need a body guard." I growled, my eyes locked on the god-like man at his side.Arabella Adair, the only heir of the Alpha King, detests her strikingly handsome yet silent body guard. A mask shields half of his face, leaving only his intoxicating eyes and tousled hair revealed. The strange gloves he constantly wears, and the refusal to speak continues to drive Arabella mad. In the midst of the chaos in her Kingdom, she sets her attention on her body guard. Her insane attraction to her mysterious body guard fuels her need for the truth. More determined than ever, she plans to use everything at her disposal to uncover his secrets.

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2023-04-11 11:12:40
More please
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Priscilla Keener

2023-03-22 21:19:08
is part 2 would be nice! love it
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Priscilla Keener

2022-11-04 12:12:11
love this so for but need more is this book complete
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Latanya Reedel

2022-10-15 05:18:45
I like the book so far but the sound it low and it keeps cutting off after playing for 2 mins. I keep having to go back in and playing it again.
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