His Mate, His Girlfriend

His Mate, His Girlfriend

by : Sunshine Princess

Werewolf  |  Length: 20:02:09  |  Ongoing
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"Ellis," I followed Ellis' gaze, and he was staring at the woman behind me. "Mate," My knees weakened as Ellis whispered the words. I took a step back. "Ellis, baby," I regained composure and went to him in an attempt to get his attention. "Mate," he whispered again, ignoring me and looking at Charlotte. I could barely breathe, and all I did was step aside. Ellis took steps forward to her and slowly cupped Charlotte's crying face with trembling hands. "Hello, mate," No, no, no. I silently begged the moon goddess to wake me from this nightmare... *** Love Chasia is heartbroken when her boyfriend of ten years finds his mate and chooses her, forgetting the promise he made to stay by her side forever. The best and only option for her is to leave and never see him again, but what happens when she discovers she's pregnant? Five years later, they meet in a way they didn't expect. Now, he is her new boss. The passion, love, and lingering feelings they thought were buried come back with full force, especially now that she works in his company.

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