I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up

by : R.C.BRIE15

Billionaire  |  Length: 19:54:15  |  Ongoing
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Nursing her broken heart and trampled pride, Abigail Marie Fuentebella Sandoval gatecrashed her ex-fiance's engagement party. At the corner of the massive hall, she painfully watches his betrayal. Her boyfriend for eight years fathers her scheming stepsister's unborn. Worst, they look so happy together. So, to get even, she randomly hooked up with a striking man among the crowd of fine gentlemen. Believing he is someone of importance. However, that night, she becomes a laughingstock when she found a pauper instead of a prince. She was immensely ridiculed for having a nobody as a replacement for her wealthy ex-fiance, the President of F&D Group of Companies, Justin Del Castillo. From a millionaire boyfriend, she ends up with a struggling man who cannot even bring her on a date in her family-owned luxurious hotel. Unbeknownst to all, especially to Abigail, she wasn't mistaken that night. The man she picked is unfortunately not a millionaire... ...But a BILLIONAIRE. The business tycoon, CEO Lucas Alexander Montes Wright. The precious firstborn of the world's richest family and eldest heir of the Petrov Mafia.

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Rcbrie Writes

2024-05-04 14:03:05
Hello, this is the audio version but if you opt to read this story until the end, this is also available on GoodNovel app, the sister app of GoodFm. It's already completed on GoodNovel.
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Brandy Matlock

2024-05-03 23:33:53
ive read other books on another app and I've never started reading a book and it not be finished. Is this how it is on all the books on this app? can someone please let me know.
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Rcbrie Writes

2024-04-08 08:59:20
hello, this story is also available on Goodnovel. it's completed and you can binge-read until the end.
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