Luna Scarlett's Second Chance

Luna Scarlett's Second Chance

by : Lovesickloner604.

Werewolf  |  Length: 27:41:43  |  Ongoing
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"Will you let me love you, my scarlet wolf?"After fleeing her former marriage a bruised and battered woman, Scarlett's only desire is to keep her daughter safe. She plans to take them to a quiet place, as far from her abusive mate as she can get, but it doesn't take long for her to cross paths with Roman Collins, Alpha of the Ironclaw pack. A man who seems to despise her.Since nothing is binding them together she feels she will be free of him soon enough, but the moon goddess has other plans, and she'll find out that if she thought running from one Alpha mate was hard, running from another is even harder!To what lengths will Scarlett go to protect her child? What will she do when she realizes the bond she shares with this other male?And what will she do to the mate who beat her on a daily basis and has now sworn he will never stop until he gets her back?Roman never wears his emotions on his face, but the feelings he has for Scarlett are ones he cannot deny nor ignore.With both of them scarred from past experiences, will they be able to overcome their pain and be together, or will the mates and the past they run from catch up to them?

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