Mated to the Alpha Knight

Mated to the Alpha Knight

by : Elizabeth Jane

Werewolf  |  Length: 13:25:40  |  Completed
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Celeste Williamson is about to turn eighteen, which means she's about to find her mate - this is fine and all, but what happens when her mate turns out to be her brother? Will she accept him or find out a hidden truth? Be his mate or reject him to keep her own sanity? Not only is her brother her mate, but talk of a prophecy starts to cloud her judgement... And even worse, Celeste seems to be the target... How will she balance these challenges? Will she find out her entire life has been a lie? Or will she find her destiny within these hidden truths?

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Helen Rice

2023-06-24 01:23:04
the book are good
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Marcener Gilbert

2022-07-22 12:50:26
more please
user avatar

Priscilla Keener

2022-07-05 19:12:19
love the books
user avatar

Tricia Wrabiutza

2022-05-17 00:27:06
will this book ever be updated???
user avatar

Jerricca June Wade

2022-04-14 18:34:01
it's a good book so far
user avatar

Danielle Pearce

2022-03-18 00:45:01
is there anymore to this story
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