Manservant: A Man Cave Standalone

Manservant: A Man Cave Standalone

by : Shari J. Ryan

Romance  |  Length: 8:36:16  |  Completed
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A Man Cave Standalone - HOT ROMANTIC COMEDY I just wanted an easy summer job… That didn’t happen. Now, I’m in a living nightmare as I work alongside this monster of a man with mesmerizing emerald eyes that look at me inappropriately every time I see him. To add insult to injury, he has a tan I just want to lick, and a butt worth drooling over every time he purposefully walks by me. But, he's an asshat, and looks are everything. I mean, aren't. LOOKS. ARE. NOT. EVERYTHING. Why do I have to keep reminding myself of this? His job is to clean, cook, and tend to the house we work in. That's why I call him the manservant. Oh, and because it drives him nuts. That's what he gets for torturing me. This is a story of little restraint, too much desire, questionable actions, no strength whatsoever, and the best sex I've ever had. The question is: Do I fall for this crude manservant whose idea of a fun time is to tie people up and do obscene things, or do I give him a taste of his own medicine? All I'm going to say is . . . Things get weird, twisted, then hot, then weird again, and—you get my drift. Go ahead and laugh. It might not be so funny if it happened to you. *A divine comedy filled with humorous satire and sexy moments that lead to a love that lasts—a perfect beach read if you enjoy romance.*

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2023-03-25 11:36:32
This book was funny, but the lack of a male voice & male perspective leaves me wanting. It’s got a lot of funny bits so high five there-but most are a little derivative. If you could combine man flu & this story it’d be amazing.
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