Mark Of The Alpha King

Mark Of The Alpha King

by : ~S.Y

Werewolf  |  Length: 20:16:02  |  Completed
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“ You feel this more intensely than I do. It hurts you more than it hurts me. It makes you yearn for me more than it makes me want you, Mate. ” He spats venomously as the light brush of his thumb against my lips, becomes a painful press._______All Miracle Cullen ever knew in her life was pain and suffering because she was born different. Her pack shunned her and her wolf left her at a young age, leaving her with nothing but a mark she bore since birth - Mark of The Alpha King. And now the Alpha King, Cain Reyes had come to claim his marked mate. Not to cherish her, but to kill her so he can mark the love of his life.

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2022-10-27 06:15:42
It takes awhile to get to the main story, a lot of repeating but with each chapter a little new piece is revealed. I am with others on the female voice, when she is telling the story it is good but when she talks to others and her wolf voice it irritating. I am sticking with it though
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2022-07-10 18:41:51
The female voice actor didn’t make the best choices in this book, this is not her best work. That’s a bit distracting.
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joy galeon

2022-05-12 00:15:21
i like this book
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Seema Chakravarty

2022-05-11 00:01:25
whats the point of listening after few episodes rest of the episodes r locked.
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Scorcher Matt

2022-07-16 11:38:40
Loved this story. There were some grammatical mistakes but who cares when the story is this good. ...
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Lady V

2022-12-20 20:59:56
The male narrator is great though, pair him with the girl that does Blind Luna and 5 Time rejected Gamma and we are great to go. Orher great pairs are the two that narrate Alpha Asher, and the two that narrate Alpha Atkas. Now those are some sexy ass male narrators. And fems are mega talented
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