by : Opal Carew

Romance  |  Length: 3:53:50  |  Completed
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Just one taste isn't enough… I ran into Rex Keene—literally—when I was trying to catch my flight and his muscled, tattooed arms stopped my fall. Then our flight gets canceled, and we're stranded in the same hotel room ended up being the steamiest night of my life. All I knew is that I had to see him again. I just didn’t expect him to show up a week later in the restaurant I manage…as our new head chef. But the generous, tender man I spent that night with is gone; instead he’s arrogant, demanding, and terrorizing the staff. But he won’t give up until we’re together – and I’m not sure I can stay away. Which man is real? Who is Rex Keene? From bestselling author Opal Carew, take a bite of Meat .

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2022-11-20 10:17:25
This was a good book I really enjoyed it from the beginning till the end I gloved the narrator’s voice and the way her told the story the only thing I wish it was longer.
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